New Thresh Lantern Mechanic

Please consider adding this to PBE just to try it out. Thresh and Mordekaiser are very similar in terms of their nature. They both revolve around death and spirit. I think that Thresh's Dark Passage should allow an escape from Morde's Realm of Death. A sacrifice of some sort. Thresh collects souls with each death. Maybe a trade, where Thresh would sacrifice 30-40 souls in order to grant the person inside of Realm of Death a way out. Or where Thresh would trade places with the person inside refreshing the cooldown on the Ultimate. Ultimately, I just want more interactions within the game. I know that both champions tend to bug out sometimes, but that should not be that big of a problem since it only would affect them. Please feel free to comment any suggestions or criticisms of this. I have mained both champions over the years, and I have at least a million mastery on each, and they seem perfect for such interaction.
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