Nerf protobelt

This item is just nuts for 2.5k gold. It doesn't matter that it gives 60 ap, that's enough while it gives u 10% cdr and A 300 hp!, it's passive is just a free full wave clear dmg and a dash every 40 s, deals around 100 +- dmg at the time when u buy it, this passive just replaces ap bonus from 30 ap if u would buy just normal ap item first . I would honestly delete Cdr and replace{{item:3067}} with just {{item:1028}} and add maybe 5 or 10 ap or just increase the cost of this item for at least 200-300 gold without changing the stats. Just almost every starter ap cost around 3k+- gold it's almost 400-600 gold diffrence while it scales perfectly with champions who has low mana usage, or even don't have mana. It's almost 2 kills lead, while protobelt is almost equal to all of the other starters items, due to its passive. With one sweep u could just make top lane more healthy, nerfing {{champion:85}} {{champion:8}} with it. Kennen maybe don't needs nerfs, but vlad definetly, anyway kennen would be still good, even after protobelt nerf especially with adding a few ap to it. {{champion:127}} would get buffed when they would nerf protobelt, im sure of it.
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