I'm so sick and tired of Nasus existing.

"But all you have to do is zone him from farm" HOW!? LIKE LEGIT? HOW!? Like, there is not early way you can zone him from 100% farm, he's GOING to get strong, he's going to outscale you, he's going to auto you for 1000 HP witha sheen proc and there is ABSOLUTELY nothing i seem to be able to do, to stop him. It's so unbelievably infuriating, i can't win a SINGLE game against this fucking champion and he's in litterally every game that i play top. Why? Why can't i go ONE game without seeing this peice of shit, infinitely stacking mother fucking dog. "Zone him off of minion, keep him from stacking, that's how you win." EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS NEVER PLAYED AGAINST HIM AS A BRUISER WILL SAY THIS EXACT LINE! Do you know what this means? Nothing, because this doesn't work! Like, this has NEVER worked for me, no matter how much i freeze waves, no matter how much i stand between him and his minions he STILL get's strong, by level 9 he'll come back and 1v1 me with no issue at all, every. single. fucking. time. I can't stand this champion, i hate all Infinitely stacking champions, they shouldn't exist, i want all of them removed from the game forever. (Or at the very least make it so you don't have BABY SIT THEM FOR 50 FUCKING MINUTES) END OF SALT FUELED RANT!
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