its been almost 6 patch since Galio whole rework champion spotlight and lore make no sense..

Sooo.... its been 6 patch now since Riot attempted to remove galio from the game. Surprinsingly who would of trough that even if you give a champion the biggest Numbers nerf in league history in a shitty attempt to remove him from the game but not change anything that actually make the champion a problem he would still find a way to be picked... in this case galio just became a generic aftershock cc bot support tank. The only problem we have here is now Galio is now a bigger problem because he is a troll pick in the mid lane WHERE The champion spotlight is telling you to go and the lore and rework makes no sense completely because he was reworked into a anti mage battle mage but now hes a tank cc support in the bot lane who is weak to mages in the mid lane because he cant lane mid lane anymore.. And its been like that for 6 patch now and intentionally ignored and Riot made some small steps just to HIDE this terrible patch by removing galio mid lane role in champion select just to stop people from picking him mid and griefing games... How do you make a champion go from 53% winrate to 44% winrate in 1 patch then leave him like that for months and ignore him? atleast what u can do is changes like urgot or akali... Litterally Nerf aftershock which has been a big problem on so many champion then buff galio back and see how he does with a not super overtuned keystone???
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