Leaving the game and causing a loss

Its so frustrating to see one guy ruining the game for everyone else by leaving the game. Had happend 3 times in the last 10 games. We where wining the early game, and then boom a summoner has disconnected from the game. Why is it that it counts as a loss for everyone else on the team? Why cant riot make it that the one and premates gets a loss and everyone else on the team it counts as a remake. I mean it cant be that hard for riot to make these changes. And for everyone who says that it could be an internet problem or something really important in the real life. Then it still shouldent affect the rest of the players. I dont think the punishment for leaving the game should change, maybe only for the ones who keeps leaving the game. But please change it for the rest of the guys who are trying everything they can to win the game, and even comes ahead in lane only to get destroyed by a leaver.

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