Either fully push Karma into support, or fully push her into mage.

Its so weird having a champion who is completely split between support and mage. She doesnt have enough damage to function as a mage since half of her kit is support, but she has lackluster supporting because half of her kit is mage. It works on other champions like {{champion:61}} and {{champion:16}} since they are more tilted towards one side than the other (ori is like 70 mage/30 support and soraka is vice versa) but its so weird on Karma since shes pretty much 50/50. Its one of those cases where they're weak, but in order to make them viable you have to ruin their identity. If you buff her Q, now she is building full AP going mid oneshotting everyone with RQ and then being useless for 15 seconds until its up again. If you buff her shield, she maxes it and becomes a braindead copypaste of Lulu. I say you rework her and make her like Orianna where she is 70 mage/30 support. Her E could have the shieldbomb back and her W could be reworked to be more interactive.
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