So after Rammus and Malphite Nautilus has become one of the best top laners

Is it them being blatantly overtuned or is it something else? I personally think it's more of a symptom of the current Meta, having triple ADC comps and squishy junglers left right and center. He just serves as important backbone to his team, being really damn tanky, having decently good wave clear, obscene amounts of Crowd control and providing engage as well as peel for his allied squishies. He's currently sitting at a 56% win rate and is the highest picked top laner. Now, as a Nautilus Jungle Main I do feel Riot might nerf him and leave his Jungle state to die but that's just me. I personally wouldn't want him to get nerfed, especially after they nerfed one of my other favorite champs ({{champion:112}}). What's your opinion on the Holy Diver's current state? Should he get away from nerfs or does he have to ride the tiger down the land of the Nerfhammer?
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