Ashe is broken, Or Warwick is weak

I just had a bot game..and it was by far the most horrible shit game ever. I did not know bot games could cause depression but my god this one is just sick. I had an ashe and lux bot. I was support and i went to build MR, but lux still did almost insane damage. Then the fcking ashe started attacking me and took chunks out of my goddam health. I was a tank and she was instant killing me. I died so many fcking times. Not only that, but i played a game of ashe next round and she SUCKED SHE HAD 75 DAMAGE. WTF THAT OTHER ASHE HAD A FCKING 120 DAMAGE AT START. FIx your goddam game riot i thought i was safe from this sht in bots now its coming in there too.

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