Should hyper carries even exist?

Serious thread here, even though I know it will get downvoted without even being read. I just wanted to post the question to the community on whether hyper carries should even exist. Champions that are nigh impossible to deal with late game are pretty toxic just by their nature. Added to the fact that most hypers don't have a weak enough early game to balance out their insane late games just makes this worse. Here are a few examples: Jinx. Yes, she has no escape, but her kit makes that a completely mute point. She has very long range with her rockets and zap, her chompers cut off pretty much any chance of chasing her down, and her ult is global. Vayne can easily tumble away from trouble or knockback (and stun) opponents, so she is very safe early. Kog has no escapes, and is vulnerable in the early laning phase, but is still relatively safe thanks to the range increase on his W, long range on his Q, and his ooze being an AoE slow. This is more than made up by his late game where he can pretty much trade without any retaliation. A pretty well balanced hyper is Twitch. His early game is weak, but his late game, while very strong, has counterplay if your team invests in pink wards and uses them effectively. Any ADC in the game can carry a game pretty easy. Even early game bullies like Graves are still very effective late game without being hyper carries. So nerfing the hyper carry late games will still make them valuable. The only real drawback I personally see is that games might go on longer. Looking forward to hearing CONSTRUCTIVE replies.
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