Evelynn isn't bad. You are. Here are some tips from a Diamond+ player on how to use Evelynn

As someone who has played and mained Shaco for 7 years, I think the problem with people playing Eve isn't that Eve is bad, it's that they don't understand how they should be playing her in the first place. You have engage in the form of your stealth, and a disengage on your ultimate. You generally do enough damage without your W that you should use it as a mind-game with the enemy. Use it to zone a high-priority target that you're not going to kill away from the fight and burst the other one. Use it to keep tanks from engaging Use it while behind your target to make them retreat -- directly into you. Use your Q before the charm completes. If you time it correctly, you'll land it right as the charm comes up, shaving time off how long they have to escape. Evelyn's E is ridiculous. It also procs Lich Bane by itself. If a tank engages, don't be afraid to chunk them with this. You are great at taking out targets who are alone or who are out of position. A quick Q E Q Q (Q) R will kill most squishies and even bruisers if you're strong. You are playing an assassin that specializes in stalking and killing. Protobelt helps close the gap and you can normally get about a second's worth of movement in after they see you before having to use Protobelt. This will let you close the gap completely if you didn't use your W and scare off your target before reaching them because you had to come from the front. Evelynn is an amazing champion and she is ridiculously strong. Her winrate is not a direct correlation of her strength, as most people playing the champion don't understand how to make her function correctly. Once you understand how to utilize Eve, you'll see huge changes in your gameplay with her. Here's the build I use: {{item:1402}} {{item:1001}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3100}} then {{item:3157}} or {{item:3089}} or {{item:3135}} (imperative when they start stacking MR but not necessary to get if they don't really build any of it. In very rare cases, get {{item:3102}} so you can assassinate their 20/2 burst mage.
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