my problem with yasuo

why is it that he is never nerfed? he's clearly strong and so what if he takes some level of skill remember {{champion:268}} before he was nerfed into the ground he took skill but they still nerfed him so why is {{champion:157}} save from getting nerfed just think about it before you say "he's fine" think about it - free shield from walking - double crit chance with a 10% penalty ( pretty much negated by {{item:3031}} ) - his w blocks almost every single skillshot in this game ( even ulitmates ) - his ultimate allows you to ignore 50% of your armor - he's abilities are able to be spammed (excluding wind wall) - medium skill level - he's e makes him really difficult to lane against - he's ult makes tries to keep him out of range of turrets - all of the above so he get all of these benefits with pretty much no penalty explain how that's fair and don't say oh just get the jungler to gank him because how many times have you fought yasuo with the jungler and still lost so in the end RITO PLEASE NERF!!!
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