Nerf Rammus

Yeah I get it you wanted a brain dead champs for the apes who can't kill adc's with some brain power. But the problem is he isn't adc exclusive. He just jumps into a fight like an ape an kills anyone he touches. The fed adc can't do shit or he kills himself. Any mid laner gets 1v1'd. A tank still won't outdamage him. I am tire of 0 skill players picking rammus and winning for nothing. Already gotta ban Vayne since you can't fucking see her during a fight. Naut because when he builds full ap he still tanky as shit. Ive been in promos to gold, 4 times now. I literally play with full gold teams. WHY AM I STUCK IN SILVER AND WHY DO THESE HARDSTUCK G4's get to climb for using BRAINEADD CHAMPS????????????
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