PBE 7/1 Opinions.

1) Damn. Tethers FINALLY getting truesight KUDOS. (Sucks to tether Akali/etc and just see the laser on Karma/Morg and think "wtf") 2) On kit Heal reduction up to 60%. Does Katarina ACTUALLY need this? Pro Kats currently have no real direct counterplay on SO many champions.... Unless you hard stun her, you're generally dead, meaning roots don't actually go the distance, even if you're a mean dagger dodger.... don't know many assassins whose basic skills do over 900 damage followed by a resetting 3000+ damage ult.... 3) Pyke: _**You all knew this was the direction Riot was taking by removing Pyke's Aoes and Minion agency:**_ Damage changed from _**[250/290/330/370/400/430/450/470/490/510/530/540/550 (+80% AD)(+150% Lethality) to [250/350/450 (+200% AD)(+200% Lethality)]**_ [New] Deals 50% reduced damage to enemies it doesn't kill "Your Cut" on Pyke kill changed from [1 "Your Cut" most recent assister] to **[1 "Your Cut" to Pyke AND most recent assister]** "Your Cut" on Pyke assist changed from [1 "Your Cut] to Pyke] to [2 "Your Cut" to Pyke] [New] Death from Below's icon is shown next to Pyke's health bar while it can be cast for free (In other words: It's ALL about his ult now. You didn't want Pyke to have aoes. Now he has 120% more AD scaling, AND 50% more Lethality scaling to make up for it. Enjoy getting executed at 1350 HP now, instead of 650 HP. And yeah. the 50% reduced to champs he doesn't kill is a small nerf, considering most ults don't result in non kills, and the threshold just SKYROCKETED) _**And yeah: 400 AD, the Tier 3 Pyke Ult = 1346 Damage execute Threshold. That literally puts him at Hit an adc once and execute. That puts him at "just Ult Nami and Execute" threshold.**_ 4) Renekton now destroys shields..... the one thing that used to help you survive him. Yay. Mr. 1 shot now became Mr. 1 shot for a WHOLE LOT more champs (I almost feel bad for Mordekaiser) 5) Swain is now Sion. Gains Max HP every time he gains a soul. Welcome to Juggernaut Swain! 6) Tahm Kench is now PYKE. His Gray health bar is 60% of damage taken, and he now doesn't just get to heal "some of it," He gets to heal 100% of it! In other words, Tahm can either heal for 100% of damage taken, or turn the damage taken in combat into a shield. (How is this not broken in top lane where he retreats to turret?) --------------- But.... at least there's not a Qiyana buff on here.
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