Remove RNG From TFT / Item Shop

**Remember To Upvote the post so more people see it** **Vote In Poll Comment** So I am sure so far many players have tried out TFT game mode and have had that feeling where your in first place and can't get a single good item from the drafts and don't get a single good item from the NPC mobs. Sometimes you can be playing perfectly and simply get out scaled because someone worse then you gets four rage blades and just simply melts your entire team. It is the most tilting thing in the mode. I have a idea that might fix this problem. Classic league of legends has an item store. Players love building custom things and testing them out against the best players in the world. Why not remove item drops from the NPC rounds and simply give gold or just remove the NPC's entirely. Insert an item shop where you can spend gold and get items to combine them with other items just like the current system. It would require you to manage economy and trade possible champion buys and refreshes to get an item you need. It would also eliminate the frustration of just not getting items that work. Yes this would mean that someone could just buy a billion parts to buy a billion rage blades. However the game dev team knows this. Just like in classic league things cost more or less gold depending on the value or you could just make everything the same gold cost. However people think it would work and be balanced but please remove the random item RNG mechanic. I have been playing this mode a lot and am currently in the top 10% of the entire player base in total matches played. **I have faith in Riots Balance Team**
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