Why have you completely stopped giving a sh*t about quality?

To avoid being moved to "RANT" i'll just leave the subject in the title for now. Ok, so whoever worked on your matchmaking algorithm like 4 or more years ago - last time anybody ever gave a shit about improving anything in LoL - adopted this thing that once you'll get an account into lower elo it'll be almost impossible to improve to climb - the rate of which climbing gets harder by you ruining the matchmaking quality of someone is much higher than any rate of any player's improvement. Getting out of a low division (most times when by a winstreak in my experience) will very often get you in the bottom of the next one where you got a big chance to be sent the fuck back down to your previous division by getting inted (you don't work on punishing this violation rightly either) There are countless of these cases and others i got myself into in the many years i've played this game , but sadly for me, no matter how infuriating and disappointing those experiences were I am still in love with what this game used to be when you cared about it. I seriously wish i could move on, play something else, spit on this game and company and have fun with other games but i can't. For reference , this is the drop that filled my glass that was slowly filled in the last month or so of playing: Climbing with a winning spree from silver to gold, having a bad match where people at least tried to win, and then this : Premade duo botlane picking yasuo and teemo : us: "please don't pick those" them: "they're normal picks ez win" game starts - in 15 minutes max they're ~ 1/6 unable to be ganked or helped in time - they continue ruining the game - enemy botlane carryes while my team is player by player blamed and flamed by our bot for a game they've ruined completely by themselves. This is what happens when i climb into another division, i get this kind of games, they even get worse, i spiral into losing streaks and i can't climb anymore-not because i wouldn't deserve better elo-but because that's how your piece of shit system works. Here's the game: https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2166810544/39265923?tab=overview Edit: It's getting clearer the more i play , i am right about this piece of shit system you've put in place. Right after i posted this i got back into league with all hope i'll be wrong about how your system will fail yet again in the same way and it fucking did.Getting really tired of games that i cannot carry games that i get inters in , games that make me feel this is anything but a skill-based game, and is but a skin money-milker for ADHD kids that seem to be the majority of your public.
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