Re-balancing the game to allow carry potential without hyper snowball

Problem Game outcome tends to fall onto the weakest player, resulting in a losing lane to have a significant detriment to the entire teams. Cause Gold distribution and experience are not balanced to all winning, or even lanes/jungle to comeback with carry potential - Gold is currently distributed more across the team than the stronger player - Experience deficient is significant for the losing player after an early kill, preventing a potential comeback - Weakest player is a gold mine for enemy team allowing them to snowball further Solution - Shut down gold, turret gold, and Barron gold should be granted a higher percentage to the participating players, rather than globally. - Reduce the amount of exp and gold gained from weakest not only from multiple deaths, but also level difference (% less after 3 levels and beyond) - Increase the amount of gold and exp gained from strongest player (note this should only apply after bounty has been cleared) (% greater than 3 levels) - Increase early game catch up exp for the first 6 minutes of the game. Yes, you should have a gold lead, however if a player plays safe enough, the experience lead shouldn't not be so detrimental that the lane is totally lost (an opportunity should be presented for a lane to have a chance.) The burden of the game should fall on all players, however each player should have an opportunity to shore up there teams weaknesses, once mid game starts. A lead should be earned, not from taking out the weakest player, but when playing well against all players. Your team will need to work with the strongest player, to ensure victory rather than trying to protect the weakest player. Should incentives more interactions against all members of the enemy team versus targeting 1 member to get ahead. TLDR; Re-balance gold and experience to allow the truly stronger team members to gain their lead, not through the enemies weakest member, but the team as a whole.

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