I hope that in season 8 adcs are completely irrelevant

Like if you think about it back in the early seasons their main purpose was to kill towers with their range. Now the entire game revolves around them an the entire community base hates it. Last night I played against a vayne Janna combo. Vayne had warriors bloodlust and through Janna shield she was full health even getting burst down by the entire team. Even worse is that vayne had rushed a static shiv and then guardian angel. Vayne wasn't even trying to get damage yet she still 3 shot anyone on my team because A: vaynes w is busted as fuck and B: Janna shield ia busted because there is no counter to shields, plus Janna gives attack speed, attack damage, on hit effects, a shield, and bonus armor and magic resist by just pressing one button. You can go full tank and have a Janna on your team sheild you and your going to crank out a bunch of damage with your auto attacks. It's just not fair for other supports.
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