The Introduction of the "Rant" board showcases Riot's arrogance in dealing with customer feedback.

If you wanted an example of Riot's corporate arrogance and non-committal to change, look no further then the "RANT" board that Riot created. This is simply Riot declaring that your opinion as the customer does not matter and they will not take the time to read it or learn anything from it. I can think of nothing more insulting to a playerbase then this. This is exactly the same as branding people "trolls" for not approving of an agenda driven product. (Something which is the common tactic of media outlets today). Riot are basically saying that NONE of you matter and that they will continue to ignore and denigrate customer feedback from this part of the world. There is simply no point to this board and it shows just how much Riot don't care about you or any other customers that disagree with it trying to the turn the game into a version of "Fornite", in an attempt to double down on the Asian market. Welcome to 2019, where companies abuse their customers for not liking something. "The Customer is Always Right" used to be the cornerstone of business and customer service. Now its "Insult the customer" or "GetWokeGoBroke". When will people wake up and realise that Riot don't give a crap about you and this game is in rapid decline?

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