Evolving R on Kha'Zix, what if... [A proposal]

What if evolving R on Kha'Zix completely negated isolation for the duration. Seeing as how right now his ult in general is pretty bad, this would make it pretty worth it to evolve, and bring him back into the jungle. Seeing as how Riot refuses to give the execute back or reduce isolation range, I see this fit as a compromise. For the next 15 seconds (the time Kha'Zix has to use his charges), Kha'Zix would now do full isolation damage. So how is this **good**, and not_ broken_? This change would be good because it once again allows Kha'Zix to tower dive and be able to teamfight, at the cost of his ultimate. However, I don't see how this would be broken for 2 main reasons. The isolation removal won't do much unless you have evolved claws, and not taking Wings until 16 would be a huge hit to his teamfighting and his chase/escape. So while this means Kha'Zix will be able to dive and fight freely for 15 seconds, he can't utilize to its fullest extent until late game. Lastly, with this change, Kha'Zix's ultimate will no longer go on cooldown until he uses all charges or after the 15 seconds. However no matter when charges are used, you always have 15 seconds of no isolation range. This change would finally bring Kha'Zix back to how he was at the beginning of Season 4, but with less broken. He would again have a choice in what to evolve in what order. Q for damage? E for high mobility? R for no isolation? W for poke? It wouldn't be "Q>E>W" every single game anymore. Now he truly can _evolve and adapt._ Thank you for your time.
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