Karma is Catching Up To You, Meddler and Reav3s

I've had several heated discussion and replies with you two over the years about Karma. I even had one or two with a few other Developers. Now players are slowly starting to see things that Karma mains like me and many others have been telling you for years now. The champion is just not working out. I have personally told you this for years now and so many other players have as well. The kit is a mess and the champion is a mess. She doesn't need a VGU but she needs work to be completed on her. Karma needs the same attention you gave to Ryze, Ahri, Lux, Cho'Gath and many others. There is no excuse as to why a champion like Cho'Gath and Xin can have their art assets worked on and kits reworked, but Karma cannot get the same treatment. The kit is creating an identity crisis for Karma and her art assets were released incomplete and are by far from polished. KARMA DOESN'T NEED A VGU. She needs minor work done on her animations to actually complete the animations such as a running and shield casting animation. Karma needs some abilities tweaked, removed and reworked so an actual identity can be put on this champion. Karma needs an actual passive and her current one moved to her ULT. Karma is annoying to play against early game because the majority of her damage is funneled into early game, but she is not fun to play as late game because all she does is press Mantra E in the backline mid to late game. Karma has zero skill expression. Karma is annoying to play against in top lane because she has a Mantra W that rewards her, but doesn't exactly fit her. Karma has a Mantra E that is extremely bland and is basically an Iron Locket of Solari and Shurelya's Reverie active tied together. Karma had an iconic ability called Shield Bomb that was removed from her and put on Ivern. Restoring Shield Bomb on Karma is now irrelevant because it is not on Ivern and will always be compared as an ability already existing on Ivern. Karma needs actual work done on her as opposed to the obvious work you are going to to in 8.13 that is going to buff her Mantra E strength, again. Starting actually working on this champion and making her fun to play again. Karma is not fun to play as or against because she is a generic, bland, and boring champion. This is a reflection of your work ethic and refusal to do anything on her for 5 years and 6 months now.

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