Another season is about to begin.

And adcs are still the most obNOXUS ( i always do that.) role in the game and they still dictate the outcome on 90% of the games. Remember the time where the guy with 100more cs and 3-4 levels ahead was a powerhouse? Yeh i'm talking about toplane now he has less impact than the support. What do we do about this? We break an offmeta adc ( Jinx ) because why not? Everyone likes getting rightclicked. Vayne and Twitch are two hated champs that offer pretty much no counterplay even more so Vayne with her abusable stealth. But it's ok we gonna leave them goddamn broken and just buff the other champs in their class to keep up with them breaking them aswell. Buff Lucian too please and Draven i missed playing them without getting anhilated from autoattackers like Varus/Vayne/Tw/Xayah Ezreal is also abusing that horribly designed mastery what do we do? nothing who gives a shit let's nerf some random stuff. We gonna do something after afew months like we always do about things concerning adcs. Tanks are doing more dmg than the goddamn fighters. What do we do? Nothing let em be we love the 3 tanks one enchanter adc meta it's proactive. Can't wait to see Karma mid again to support the rightclickers hell some Lulu top aswell considering it's fine for ranges to make melee ABSOLUTELY USELESS but melees can't be overbearing to our rightclickers . We have had Ornn as a problematic champ. WHAT DO WE DO? WE REMOVE HIS ALREADY LOW SKILL EXPRESSION. Instead of gutting his damage. We got a broken since pbe day 1 champ ZOE what do we do? We remove her skill expression and still allow her to 70-0 everyone that isnt a tank and do well over 40% of a tanks health as long as she hits a low cd spell from fog of war. Better nerf Nidalee amirite?Nonono BETTER NERF IRELIA let's keep the veteran memes alive. /RantEnd.

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