Fiddlestick new passive ability

I have an idea for a new passive ability for {{champion:9}} that could come with his rework in the future. The passive ability is called "Playing Scare crow". **Playing Scarecrow** Fiddlestick will be able to place scarecrow of himself instead of ward around the map. These scarecrows provide vision like a ward. Fiddlestick can click on one of these scarecrow to transfer his soul into it allowing him to swap position with it once he is in range. 30/25/20sec cooldown. If fiddlestick does not move he will pretend to be a scarecrow. **Why this passive** Reason why i think this passive would be great addition for fiddlestick is because it give him more mobility than his old passive and it add alot of interesting gameplay to the game through the power of paranoia. You be able to defend, bait and attack with your scarecrows

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