Why a lot of people hates current Karma state ? She is one of the funniest champs on LOL !

I don't know the old karma so i don't miss it but i know she used to have a shieldbomb and her W could be used on her teammate. But she is so polyvalent. She can be top, mid or support and even jungle but her passive don't trigger on monster which is a little bit sad. I love to play Karma top with {{item:3025}} and klepto, it's so funny to poke, harass, regen and root and still deal big dmg. I love to play Karma supp with {{item:3504}} and shield all the team to put ardent on everyone, poking on lane, shielding... I love to play Karma mid with a lot of ap and delete someone with RQ and build 45% cdr to always have RQ. I propose to buff her a little bit on lategame, it's shouldnt make her broken because it's will be very lategame. Makes karma more like Kayle. **At lvl 18, Mantra don't have CD anymore. All her basics spells are enchanted by mantra. ** Karma reach the state of GODNESS OF IONIA and all of her spells become powerful. It's will be even more funny to play Karma and reach lategame like this. Make also her passive trigger on big monster so she can jungle properly. A true polyvalent champ that can do everything. <3 Karma
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