I really wish ARAM would get at least 0,5% of attention SR gets

EDIT: Hooooly! Went to cinema & bear with friends for 4~hours, and now I have 43 posts from you guys! Gonna read them all! Our whole attention we get from Riot lasts about 1 week every year when winter sales come. And even then they ignore us, as playerbase. I understand: SR, LCS, Ranked, Lee and Zed are all very important for the future of #1 MOBA game. I'm not trying to destroy this sacred balance. Right now NA players received their Hextech crafting. I was hyped, I really though Riot is slowly giving some skins for "free". And as I was learning what this cool system is, I stumbled on "ARAM games don't count".. Needles to say all of my hype evaporated. I have 3,1k games in ARAM (almost prefect 50/50 split wins-loses). I play only ARAM. I even ARAM while I ARAM. Why ARAM can't have it's own "champion mastery"? Why ARAM can't have it's own "hextech crafting"? Why ARAM doesn't even have Rioter? (Even Dominion had 1... I think..) Why no Rioter wants to talk about ARAM? Is this "too childish" to talk about? I understand that ARAM should be a "fun mode", but it's hard to have fun when you feel like "unwanted child". --- "_**Out of the blue**_" I wonder.. Whenever Morello says about changes or things in general he says: "We believe that..." "We did that..." Who are those "We"? Can we talk with them? Are their voices in changes as important as Meddlers? Do they always agree with changes? Do they work with Riot in Riot HQ? Or are they some 3rd party group hired by Riot to help with balance? (outsorcing). What happen to Phreak? Guinsoo? They used to talk with us so often.. --- Back to topic: Could Riot delegate one Rioter to take charge of ARAM? So we, ARAM players, could have our own place to talk about with someone about stuff like map balance, randomness, bugs, items from other modes, maybe some small updates? Ofcourse that person would need to be active :)
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