Trolling in flex is becoming a massive problem

It's been a trend throughout the year but especially coming to the end of this season. The duos and trios who queue up for flex just to first-time people, int, troll, and flame. I've had it in the past several flex games I've played - where I'm genuinely trying to climb rank. The common response is "idc, its flex" or "bro its just flex relax xd" And most of the time everyone's just encouraging them. Flex is ranked. You are given equal rewards whether you get a high rank in flex or in solo/duo. It's not some lesser gamemode designated for trolling and flaming. I'm frankly quite tired of 2-9 Kayn's that've been calling me trash all game being encouraged by the enemy, and my own, team. Is riot aware of this problem? Is there anything in the works (or is it even possible) to fix it?
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