This patch was hilariously dissapointing

Preseason rune changes pushed this game so much farther in the wrong direction. Everyone was given too much damage, and resistances were nerfed into oblivion. The result is that this game played more like a sudden death match in super smash brothers than it did a tactical moba game. I was looking forward to the first patch after the holidays, knowing that riot had over a month to find solutions to the mess of preseason. What did we get instead? Heimerdinger nerfs..... It is apparent that Riot's vision for this game is a fast-paced, non-tactical, fighter game dressed in a moba skin. I wish Riot would clarify this so I could know for sure what their vision was. I hate staying invested in a game only to find out they want to make the game everything I hate about it. If Riot sees this and cares, could we get some clarification on what the vision of this season and the future of league of legends actually is? This would help quell the comments that you don't know what you're doing, if you're actually doing exactly what you intend on doing to this game.
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