Junglers in gold/silver, How to win without them?

Why do junglers in Gold/silver not play properly? Got game after game where the jungle will rather go bot than mid/top to gank. Doesn't matter if my lane is frozen, or if I am literally spam pinging for help. They don't punish an overextension. AT.ALL. Instead they think forcing a gank bot that just reset is better. This happens in a majority of the games. at the very least 80% of the games that I have lost. Not saying that I play perfect, but I usually win my lane and if i don't I make sure to set up ganks for the jungle/midlaner, but they never ever come. Then I end up getting flamed for being useless when I am trying to farm with akali under turret. Can't win all mathups, sometimes either they are better or just counterpicked too hard. And I am Tired of getting frustrated at the jungle, I want to know what I can do about it with Akali or fiora. So my question is, How do you win the game if you can't win the lane and/or Bot is inting hard and jungle is trying to save a dead lane? Any tips are welcome, just don't be a dick.
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