Riot any plans on changing Teleport in the upcoming patches or for S6?

From whats been seen a lot lately is that Teleport is basically a summoner spell that really doesn't have any real downsides to it. It's great for sustaining in lane that's the big thing I like about it but it doesn't feel as punishing when you tp somewhere that isn't a tower. Should TP be more of a choice and less of a requirement for a sololaner? Because I see some people lately saying that champions like Renekton are considered weak eventho IMO he is actually quite fine really its just that TP isn't the best on him and now that taking TP is more of a requirement for a sololaner. since Renekton relies so much on Ignite to get those kills he needs to make a impact on the game. I like TP I think its a great summoner spell to counter against the fast pushing champions and its really great having it on champions that have a pretty rough laning phase like Kassadin or Diana. I just feel like its more or less being abused quite too often with no drawbacks to it. IMO TP should be less of a requirement to take in the top lane and more of a choice between taking either TP or Ignite like how it is in the midlane for more summoner spell diversity.

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