"Your Job as Nunu is to make the enemy jungler useless"

the past two seasons this has turned into am a drain tank that debuffs your team. charges mindlessly at squishies and survives everything. Nunu is by far the best tank in the game even though there is 0 hard cc in his kit to be nobody can freakin fight him early game. and you wait for what? to become unkillable while wreking havoc on your backline? what are you even supposed to do. there is 0 fucking reason to turn cancerous outdated kits like chogath and nunu into useful champions because they are so POLARIZING they become broken once their heavily wrong and messed up kits become anything short of not overbearing. the fucker can solo dragon at level 3. any dragon. so you got objective control. team fighting. and the fact that you can't ever 1v1 him. fucking stupid. it doesnt seem like it matters what team comp you pick. or what the fuck happens in the early game. the dude is just a menace
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