So its been a week of a lot of playing and I still cant buy Tahm kench

Can we go back to the IP system? I legit woulda had enough for a 6300 champ in like 2 or 3 days and Im sitting here stuck after a week with just over 4k BE. I am lvl 29, almost 30 and I own 6 champs. Two of which are 450 champs, WW and Annie <3. Then I have Ornn, Evelynn, Rengar, and Gangplank. At Level 30 I should have a lot more than that. IMO. About double that amount. On top of that, I need atleast 20 champs to play Normal Draft? Silly. Maybe I'm just butthurt, but it is still hurt none the less. EDIT: To me it feels like a move closer to pay to win/play kinda game, where it is either extremely long and not worth it, you either give up or pay. I dont like thsi direction, its not why I started playing League. I love the original free to play aspect of the game. It should stay like that.
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