Jhin needs a nerf

Jhins game play is a rather unique one since he is a burst adc with nuke auto attacks. But somehow he needs a nerf. His dominance in the early game always leads to a unstoppable carry that pretty much has no counter once he gets an item. And don't give me the "he can only shoot four bullets at a time" crap, cuz he always has a bunch of traps, a high damage Q, and a very long range root that pairs up with any cc.; then after the 1 sec reload he can start all over again. Not to mention his half-map sized ult that can kill someone without doing anything else too them. Once he lands the first bullet, the slow makes it so hard to dodge that its already guaranteeing the next bullet. All I want is for jhin to be able to NOT snowball in every game. Even if he is losing lane he is bound to snowball into victory due to his massive damage increase that halfhealths tanks. Also to make him more vulnerable. His ability to gain mvment speed from auto attacks leaves chasers dead once jhin is far away enough to ult them. Thats not even including that he is often times handcuffed to his support. So riot please nerf him.
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