How am I supposed to deal with Heimer?

I am legit asking because I can't understand how to deal with him. He has been a nuisance for a long time now but he was not played much Toplane. Now he has returned with big winrates and decent playrates. I play mostly tanks because the duelist class is a joke nowadays and I can't seem to be able to play the lane against him. His mana costs are high but early on he doesn't even have to use w, just his e sometimes to stun you when withing his Q beam range dealing massive amounts of damage. With the first back he can get the overpowered lost chapter and just won't have to worry about mana in the early game. Meanwhile I can not get anywhere close to minion waves since he will just stun me so the cs difference is huge especially vs a heimerdinger who has played about 5 games and got used on the dmg his Q does to minions so he can last him them properly. After he gets lost chaper he can either go for ludens or even better rush Rylais so he can get a free lane. What am I supposed to do when I am extremely behind in cs aka gold and when I am playing a champion with mana costs? Abyssal mask has been the safest bet but I still am not able to get close to the minions or trade him because by the time I get Abyssal mask he will be on his second item (always talking about a decend Heimer). Back in the days, the jungle gank always was the way to go on killing a Heimer but with the current state of jungle aka the jungler being always low health early on when early game is Heimer's biggest weakness, ganking is not an option for most junglers. Mid game, Heimer can either keep pushing Toplane which is his safest bet in most cases and I as a tank can not do anything to stop him from pushing except if I get help from the team which would be a waste since they could be farming and getting ahead while I keep Heimer out of the fights. Someone could say that I could switch lanes with Bot but how are they supposed to deal with a Heimer who is ahead, especially after the botlane nerfs and the drake changes (which also make ganking him at toplane a waste of precious time and objectives) so that is not an option either. So, what am I supposed to do? Not to mention that conqueror works extremely well on him making him impossible to deal with? Is there any possible counterplay to him?
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