Every game is a struggle

Afk, Inting, Trolling, Dc, Toxicity, Griefing etc Riot, in this season I didn't have a single match that was even slightly fun. Why is every match a battle against other player's behaviour, scumbags that int or go afk and your client. 5v5 match should be 5 players vs 5 enemies, but in every match enemies = rivals and my team = enemies. Frustration in this game has never been this painful. I have never seen so many people being done with trying. When I go into a match I want to win it, but people give up in lobby. You made your playerbase so frustrated with the current state of the game that they can't even stand playing it for 30 minutes. A tactical chess-like game turned into a oneshot fiesta. I don't even blame people for being angry, I blame you, Riot, for neglecting the actual issues with the comunity and the game itself. You allowed it to become like this. Bring out S10 with even more damage in the game. More characters with even more toxic gameplay. More changes that don't make any fucking sense. Even more early game focused jungle. Even worse balance of brusers. And even more toxicity and frustration. Neglect your community and let them fume in rage. Neglect the game and let the balance be shit. You don't listen anyways, why am I even trying.
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