Overthinking it, playing against Nasus is like a paradoxical hell.

So let's suppose you're playing against Nasus and he has a really good comp that looks something like this- {{champion:75}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:89}}. Obviously this is an extremely good teamfighting comp, so they can generally fend for themselves. So now Nasus is farming top lane and laning phase just ended. you're like "Okay I gotta go deny him from stacks, my team can handle themselves 4v4 for 2 mins right?". Then your team fights and everyone dies. You're like "Okay I gotta go help the team fight because we can definitely win 5v4", so you help them and you pick off a kill or 2. Then Nasus has gained ~40 stacks and has Rift, which gets him your Tier 1 tower. Ouch. This is looking like an issue. You go top to clear minions and push the wave after Nasus backed, but your team gets caught out and 3-4 of them die so you say "OKAY I GOTTA GO HELP THEM". So your team wins a fight once again, but now Nasus has ~50 more stacks and your Tier 2 tower is almsot down, and since Nasus has a lot of stacks you need to send 2 to deal with him. While this happens, the enemy team takes an Infernal Drake. Now you've finally killed him, but you used a lot of resources to do it and the Tier 2 top tower is standing on its last legs. During this fiasco someone on your team gets caught out and you/the person helping you with Nasus need to back. With 3 of you not there, the enemy team gets Baron, only increasing Nasus' splitpushing power, and since by this time Kindred/Kennen/Miss Fortune (or some mixture of them) are probably fed and doing a lot of damage. We can just assume that Tier 1 mid and bot tower have been taken with all the won teamfights and such. But now with Baron, Nasus' team is pushing mid as 4, while Nasus is hitting the top inhib tower for 20% of its health with each Q. You send one person to deal with Nasus and the rest of you go mid. The person defending top quickly gets dived by Nasus and he now killed the tower and has eyes on your inhibitor. [Let's just assume you're 30 minutes in at this point]. You are forced to all go down to deal with Nasus or the inhib will get taken down, but now the enemy team has taken mid Tier 2 tower and is quickly pushing for the inhib tower. Luckily, Baron buff just wore off so they can't finish the inhib tower. Your team 5v1's Nasus and finally kills him. Now that you're all either stil top lane or backing, Nasus' team takes this opportunity to take bot Tier 2 tower AND get a Mountain Drake. Cool, more pushing power. Now Baron is back up, and their whole team is alive. Your team just cowers by your mid/top towers, knowing the enemies are inevitably taking Baron as you speak. Baron gets taken, and now Raid Boss Nasus is going top lane with a ZZ'Rot and Banner of Command, with a gleam in his eye to get that inhibitor. The rest of his team are closing in on mid tower. Your team is all forced to go top lane to defend the inhib, but it's too late. Nasus killed it in several hits and your team couldn't do anything about it. The rest of his team took the inhib tower mid lane and is now surrounding you. Surrounded by the enemies, Leona stuns 3 people, Miss fortune ults you and you instantly die. The other 2 of you are tracked down by Kindred and Kennen, and only one of you make it out alive. [We'll make it you, the top laner]. All this time Nasus has been pushing bot lane, where he destroyed your inhibitor and is now leaving. Fortunately, the enemies are relatively low for the most part, and they need to back. Unfortunately, while this was happening, Nasus solo'd another Mountain Drake. Now your team is respawning, and sitting by the Nexus towers because that is the only safety you have. Nasus has 900 stacks now and he is looking for your buttholes. He walks up to the mid inhibitor that has regenerated to full health, and takes it down with 3 sickening Q's. Your team knows this is it. You brace yourselves as the enemies stack up super minions in every lane. Your team is extremely weak and can barely fight them off [Let's just say it's about 50 mins into game now]. Now, Nasus' team is pushing their way into your base. You are all cowering under your only cover, the Nexus towers. Their whole team shows up. Leona throws an ult that only hits one of you. Miss Fortune Q's, does half their health and Nasus Q's and does the rest of it. _An Ally Has Been Slain._ Now Kennen ults in and stuns 3 of you. Nasus throws down an E, which lasts hits another one of you. _Double Kill._ Now Leona E's one of your teammates, then Q's them. Nasus Q's them twice and they're dead. _Triple Kill._ Now it's only you and another teammate left. What will you do now? Kindred jumps in on you two. You almost kill her but she ults and now you can't do anything. As soon as her ult stops Nasus Q's him and he dies. _Quadra Kill._ Now it's just you. You frantically try to run away, you have to run towards top lane, the enemy team is finally taking your Nexus Towers now and you have no choice. You go as fast as you can, trying not to die. Then you hear the scariest word of your life. As Nasus raises his hand, he says... "Wither!" It's all ogre now. Your're left running at a snail's pace, while the 1100 stack Nasus is chasing you down top, and the rest of his team is sitting in your base, taunting. You just take your hands off the keyboard/mouse and accept your fate. _Pentakill._ After this, which in reality lasted about 20 seconds, or at least a small enough time for Nasus to get a pentakill, his team takes down your Nexus in about 2 seconds flat, while the painful 'Defeat' screen stares you in the face. You reluctantly hit "continue" and enter the end game lobby, where Nasus types "GG EZ" and leaves the lobby. That's enough League for today. I may have deviated from my title just a little bit... :v
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