champions that need special balancing or need to be removed during urf

urf is back and as fun as it can be, it seems like its always the same 20 if not less champions in rotation. there are some champions who are really intolerable to play against to the point where the game just isnt fun anymore, its infuriating. these are the champs i think they need to be balanced specifically for the game mode - master yi, completely untargetable and true damage autos - shaco , boxes everywhere, invisible and untargetable all game long, - syndra, ult is just really problematic. - garen, the damage on his spin is just ridiculous and the cc reduction on his w and slow removal on q make it impossible to get away from him. i think cc should stop him from spinning. -lucian, this one is a bit more counterable but its still frustrating to play against, dash is the only problem here, making him untouchable and if you have the bad luck of getting a skill shot champ or melee champ, youre not landing anything on him - nasus, another slightly counterable one but still annoying, perma slow, when built with ap his e becomes cancerous. when built with ad he starts deleting turrets, champs and monsters with q. these are just the ones i personally found very hard to play against im not sure if i missed any.
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