riot why are you taking a look at popular champs that are on the rework list first?

and not the unpopular ones like {{champion:6}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} cuz most of these listed don't work or will never work in any meta that you might come up with. they actually NEED it im glad you are taking updating champions seriously cuz its a serious matter but trist was really not that much in a need of it then this list here. take a look at sion for example as a champion he is SOOO much better then he used to be ok sure his ult needs a litle tweak and not be so flippin easy to dodge but in general id say you did an awesome job on him and it makes me really excited what you have in store for us with champions that are on the list. btw i have a request can CertainlyT do the rework on mordekaiser?
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