@Riot. You should be embarrassed and ashamed about this Galio fiasco.

This is beyond simple balance oversight at this point. You've had an ample number of examples why this is flat out game breakingly overturned and plenty of time to hotfix or disable Galio and neither has occurred. As a game company you should recognize this as blatant ignoration of YOUR ENTIRE COMMUNITY, not just the ADC mains here or the assassin mains there. EVERYONE has spoken against this and the only rioter responses I've seen either applauded the changes for looking fun or were the generic "we're looking into it" response. Stop. Do something about it. This is disrespect and neglect towards the community your game and company are founded upon and have found such success with. I think as well you owe all of us a public apology and some form of assurance something like this doesn't happen again.
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