I played a game as leblanc support with dark harvest and it is not okay.

First of all before you all bash me i was smurfing from p2 in g4 so it was a pretty easy game,we start by invading and i get 3 dark harvest stacks off that. NOW THE JUICY PART i go immediately to lane get lvl 2 and literally 1shot enemy adc Jhin who had 200+hp with just q and w combo. Later on i recall get a bunch of items return to lane and just poke the enemy out. Turns out most of the time your q w combo will deal close to 50% hp and boom,free dark harvest stack,its so easy to stack these i had 5200 dmg from dark harvest at minute 38 where we ended the game I had very little farm since i was support and for all the times in late game where my electrocute didnt finish the target off dark harvest did now without any problems,and the worst part EACH TIME IT GETS EVEN STRONGER. I have no clue who though that this was balanced but something needs to be done and removing like 10 dmg and 3 off of each stack is not enough and imo not the correct way to nerf this+even in this state it is stronger than electrocute My proposal is to not get stacks with AA,this is klepto all over again but instead of bunch of gold u get shit ton of dmg in.As stupid as it sounds the dmg is FINE,BUT the fact you literally can get 10 stacks with just aa during the laning phase makes it not fair. Whats ur thoughts?
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