Nunu is a perfect example of why people bitch about the Balance Team

Balance goes from useless to absolutely absurd in one patch. It feels like this stuff is never actually tested for balance before it goes live. And if he is nerfed it will be a nerf to make him useless again or a nerf to something that isn't even the issue. It seems like their approach to balance is 'make something op and then tone it down' rather than 'let's do small buffs until it is at a healthy state' and that is insanely stupid. In the case of Nunu if they had buffed him with half or a quarter of the steroids he offers now he wouldn't be broken and people wouldn't be bitching. People would see that he is at least getting some attention. Instead he is buffed to the point he is pick/ban and is miserable to play against so people bitch. Hey, Balance Team... you don't need to always shoot for 100% pick/ban when messing with champions. Work your way up to where you want them to be. Don't shove them to the top and then knock them down. That is frustrating and unfun and in case it wasn't clear... video games are meant to be fun.
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