Is league actually dying *eternals*

I think "lmao this games dying anyway" is very silly in most cases. But for real with the insane amount of things being added to the game they ask you to pay for in the last few seasons i have to believe league is legit dying. -no more skins below 1350 (it looks like one hasnt been released since last blood moon) -hextech chests/gemstones -chromas -emotes -a mission pass for events every single month -prestige skins -scummy ways to buy little legends -almost 900rp for 3 achievements. -there certainly is more you can name, but id argue they might be more opinion than these (for instance how some bundles are grossly overpriced to try to get you to buy the exclusives in them) Like its getting straight up ridiculous. Is revenue that bad? What is this new fighting game gonna look like? Is there going to be some sort of 2$ for each color change for a fighter? WTH is going on riot?
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