ADC meta is the worst it has EVER been in the history of this game

I just had a game, got my ADC fed to high heavens. He was 1v2ing the bot lane by 10 minutes I got him so fed. I roam mid get them fed, I go top get them out of lane. We must have had a 10-15k gold lead pre-20 minutes and had 100% of neutral objectives. Then we move to mid/late game and teamfights.... Our hyper fed ADC could not position himself in ANY teamfight and was always deleted. I could peel for him all day but it didn't matter as he wanted to be a front line ADC and I can't peel if my ADC is always in front of me. Okay, well at least mid is fed and top has a lead. Jungle pretty fed too. NOPE! SCREW YOUR PLAYS! SCREW YOUR LEADS! SCREW YOUR ROAMING! SCREW YOUR STYLE! If your ADC is shit you auto lose. Simple as that. Sad part was he was okay in lane but as he couldn't position for teamfights so it meant auto lose for entire team. Where is the balance in that? Our ADC is missing one skill and that means that no matter how good we play, no matter how big our lead, no matter what we do it's irrelevant to the positioning skill of the ADC? Look, I know ADC is an important role but this is ridiculous. If your team has a huge lead it should not be a loss just because the ADC can't position themselves. There are so many possible solutions its insane that Riot won't try or do any of it. I don't care how it's fixed just fix this shit storm of a completely unbalanced meta. I don't care how it's fix; buff assassins, nerf ADC items, make AP itemization better, remove crit, grant more AS slows on items and abilities, buff armor, nerf armor pen, reduce life steal on ADC items, buff every other role, or just remove ADCs altogether. I don't care how it's done just fix the damn meta!
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