Jax is broken with Essence Reaver...

Let’s create a new item that has the exact same cancerous effect but instead of giving mana, now it gives HP. Oh how you guys were crying that Jax is unkillable with permanent Counter Strike, now he has the same permanent Counter Strike plus extra HP so GL my friends. That actual dumb people in this balance team. We didn’t want this fucking Essence Flare in the game. It makes Riven, Renek, Jax etc over the top broken, so what do these jokers do? They release a HP version of Essence Reaver with the exact same fucking effect but lets change it to Awakened Dragon and nobody will notice LOL. They didn’t even nerf the effect or anything. Just a copy paste. You might say that the stats the item gives are not that great and I kind of agree to that except that it gives 20% CDR instead of 10%. But you are not building this item for the stats it provides, you are building it for Awakened Dragon. Items that provide passives kind of have bad stats to compensate for the powerful passive it provides and that’s where the buck of the gold cost goes towards. But at the end of the day Trying to communicate with the balance team is like trying to talk to a brick wall. Oh wait, you have more communication talking to a fucking brick wall than you do these guys. We didn’t want this item. We wanted the Spear that was in Nexus Blitz.

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