Shaco , to weak? to broken? rework?

I've been going thru all Shaco changes since the forced Assassin reworks and I realised a big overall theme. Shaco shifted more and more from early game jungler to farm heavy midgame jungler. Since they took the early game cheese with the jungle changes and the q nerf it is not even possible to get an advantage from unknowing players which was usually the way to carry low elo games. Now that shaco somewhat lost his flexibility and it not being worth to max E to compensate his damage nerfs and the fact that his E now deals physical damage forces him to be level 7-9 to deal the damage he was able to deal lvl 5 pre rework. But overall Shaco is not in a bad state winrate wise since he is mostly played by onetricks. But still his champion identity as an early game jungler that ccs the enemys mindset was destroyed. So either they changed it because they dont want you to get tilted or encourage players to play other champions like eve which also only get strong mid game (lvl 6). Revert Shaco for the Shaco players, or Rework Shaco again to give him at least some defined strengths even if it causes him to go camo instead of invis or changes his kit a little more drastic than the first rework.
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