Any reason why Nasus W cooldown doesn’t start after the ability is finished??

I’ve said it so many times and I’ll say it again. Nasus with rank 5 W and 45% CDR can spam W every 1.05 seconds. It says 6.05 seconds on the tooltip but because it starts when W is pressed and not after the W has ended, you need to minus 5 off the tooltip cooldown amount. 1.05 second point and click W spam that slows targets upto 95% and reduces attack speed by 47.5%. Unless you play a champion that has 500 dashes like Riven or you dash/flash over a wall, you have no chance to get away from Nasus once he starts the W spam on you. It is bullshit, toxic game design that completely shuts down the majority of the champions in the game with a press of a button.
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