2 Years later I'm still high Silver. WHY?? ;-;

I don't feel like im getting better at this game. I'm a one-trick diana main with well over 700k mastery pts on all of my accs combined. However I still don't feel like I'm **amazing **at her. Yasuo / Riven / Zed mains at 700k mastery points are always incredibly talented and are able to pull off the craziest plays. Despite all the knowledge I have on {{champion:131}} , I still don't feel like im getting better at her. I main {{champion:55}} too and It's almost the same deal. I have 150k on her but I get countered so easily when I reached high silver. Someone suggested I switch to similar champions with a higher skillcap (such as {{champion:92}} ) but I'm very unfamiliar with top lane, I know nothing about top lane matchups. What should I do?
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