Should hard cc have high damage?

Disclaimer, I do not play ranked or play this game competitively so I do not know how much impact nerfing the damage of hard cc abilities/passives will affect the game. That being said, I think it's a bit unfair that some champions have passives and abilities that not only have great crowd control but deal a lot of burst damage. The biggest push to me bringing this up is that I faced a neeko as jhin in arams. After getting a few triple kills, the neeko spent most of the game just diving through our front lines with her clone technique and ult so if I don't have flash up, I am basically dead. Not only did I have to be scared of her orb she shoots out that not only goes through multiple units, but also snares/stuns me for 3 years once fully leveled. It makes morgana's q look like a joke considering morgana's q can only hit the first thing so you can hide behind minions to avoid it. Neeko's goes through multiple units and crowd controls several units and get this.... the duration is even longer than morgana's q. Wow fair right? Okay okay I'm ranting a bit. But I think it's stupid just how much damage neeko's ult alone does when it also stuns. So basically if I didn't have flash up as jhin, she just runs towards me, or snowballs to a minion or ally close to me, ults, and im basically dead because her ult stuns me and does over half my hp. I personally feel like if a champion has crowd control, they shouldn't have high base damage and/or high scaling on the crowd control ability. The trade off should be that if you choose to play a high crowd control champion, you sacrifice damage. If you don't have high crowd control then you should have higher damage to make up for lack of crowd control. I believe this is a fair way to balance things and promotes teamwork because then you can have some players use crowd control while another with less crowd control dish out the damage. This is my opinion and I would like hear other opinions on this matter whether you believe high crowd control passives/abilities should have high damage or not.
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