Riot why is Skarner labeled as a Juggernaut when his gameplay says otherwise?

From what you guys keep saying is that juggernaut champs are ones that are slow moving and bulky champions like {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:82}} . Well so why is Skarner treated like one when he originally is not. Skarner is the fast crystal scorpion that goes in and ccs as many people as he can drag his target out with his ult into his team. That doesn't necessarily label him as a juggernaut at all really, sure he is bulky but not slow at all. I get that you guys were planning a rework for him and all but Skarner's whole identity of a champ doesn't really synchronize with what you guys are planning for him with this train of thought for a rework. So far from what I read on the pbe he seems probably better wait till we see but its just kinda strange how you guys associate Skarner with the other champions in terms of a Champions Role.
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