Ashe is a Healthy Champion

{{champion:22}} 1. Ashe’s simple kit rewards patience, teamwork, consistency and calmness... traits that make you a better team mate and counters toxicity in the game; there’s no flashy selfish plays and there’s no buffooning around 2. Ashe is humble and low key while doing what it takes to provide the team for the winter of the game. This is subconsciously reinforced by hunter-gathering visuals which lead to natural focus on objectives, minions, and towers. 3. When people are murdered by Ashe there is a mutual understanding and respect and a feeling that it was fair play; when Ashe herself gets murdered, it’s also taken in good stride 4. In game, Ashe players tend to be less toxic because their character says healthy things like “United were stronger” and “lead the way”
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