UPVOTE if you agree you should get "LOSS PREVENTED" if you have an AFK ruin your game.

This has been happening too much recently in ranked. If one person afks, you have a massive disadvantage and often times you never have a chance at winning this kind of scenario. It is completely unfair, and ruins the aspect of the game. It is supposed to be competitive, but if someone leaves and ruins your chances at winning, you really cannot at all win the game if the enemy team knows what their doing just a LITTLE BIT. There is a punishment for the afk, but there is no compensation for the teams the afk ruins. Please Riot, you know it is a problem, there is an obvious fix for it, please, you need to give the playerbase some sort of breathing room when someone decides to leave your game. EDIT: To all of you pointing out that this can be abused, I can understand that. How about maybe dropping the lost LP by half? And the afker loses 1.5x the normal amount? (maybe even 2x?) Obviously numbers are something Riot decides, however, to be completely fair, something needs to be done, and which is why I made this thread. EDIT 2: Posting another edit to highlight one of the comments in this thread. In my opinion, I feel this would be the best representation of this kind of "AFK Forgiveness" system. Thanks Project Riven! > [{quoted}](name=Project Riven,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qu3HbA7l,comment-id=004a,timestamp=2016-04-04T22:43:14.515+0000) > I'm sure the system is smart enough to detect when an AFK occurs and for how long the AFK has been AFK. > > A) If any player AFK for more than 50% of the game duration, rest of the team should receive reduced LP loss. The AFK will instantly be punished with increased LP loss. > > B) If any player AFK in the first 2 min of the game and doesn't return by the 10 minute mark, loss forgiven is granted to the rest of the team and surrender will be allowed at that point. The player AFK'd is punished instantly with increased LP loss. > > I can't even see one bit as to how this will be abused. > > Condition A will still result in LP loss for every members on the team. > > Condition B wasn't even a "match" to begin with and falls under the same category as dodging a champ select. The only difference is that the person who "dodged" or in this case, AFK, receives increased punishment. _(Permalink incase anyone wants to upvote this comment: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/qu3HbA7l-upvote-if-you-agree-you-should-get-loss-prevented-if-you-have-an-afk-ruin-your-game?show=flat&comment=004a )_
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