A Thread about Terrible Junglers

Hi there. My name is Cap. I like ~~fucking terrible junglers.~~ playing junglers that are fucking awful. (You all had to be stopped) Let me begin by saying I'm _not_ talking about your B-D tier junglers or the stuff boards usually complains about (Jungle Udyr won a game says a lot about the TERRIBLE GAMESTATE am I right?). I'm talking about legitimately bad junglers. Jungle Urgot. Jungle Swain. Jungle Yorick. I really, really enjoy these odd ball picks. Part of it is because I'm quite bad at CSing and laning. But you know what I've found in my time playing these junglers? Many are only held back by the smallest of things. Now, obviously, if these changes went through to make champions viable in the jungle it'd break their laning. It has always been the case for Riot and League...but what if it didn't? A long time ago I proposed a change/addition to the jungle build items. Shave off 150g from talisman/machete and make the new item a 300g jungle item. It doesn't provide great stats but, instead, augments something about your champion to let them jungle better. Every champion in the game could have a jungle buff that could truly open the jungle up to anyone and allow for a separate tweak Riot can use to balance junglers. Most of all, it'd help accomplish Riot's goal of adding diversity and unique picks. Now you can balance every champ for laning while the new item is more about balancing around the jungle. That said, there are drawbacks: * A lot of balance to make it happen (130+ champs need a unique enchant) * A lot of champs probably just can't jungle. (Lookin' at you Soraka) * Pretty volatile early implementation (Expect broken picks for a handful of patches) * Might mess with champs who are already junglers. All this said, I'd like to hear opinions. So many champs in my time playing honestly awful junglers have made me realize there are aspects about them that can make for great junglers. They just need a small push (albeit that small push can break them). Lemme know what you think, why it'd be a good (or bad) idea and some terrible junglers you've found that really just need one small buff to skyrocket them from trash tier to "Pickable in the LCS".
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